Kitten Comes Along with Her Six Siblings, Stands Out as Only Orange Tabby and Has Quite the Personality

A kitten stood out as the only orange tabby in her litter of seven and showed quite the personality.

Bashful the kittenLaura Malone

Seven kittens were brought to Mini Cat Town, an animal rescue in San Jose, California, for a chance at a better life. A volunteer of the rescue, Merritt, took them in right away, so all seven of them could be bottle fed and cared for around the clock.

One of the kittens immediately stood out amongst the sea of white fluff. Bashful was the only orange tabby in her litter, while the others were white or seal-point.

When Merritt had to travel for work, they were transferred to Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town, to continue their foster journey.

Bashful was rescued along with her six siblingsLaura Malone

“Bashful is very easy going and independent, not demanding at all. She is just friendly, playful, and does her own thing,” Laura shared.

With a comfortable home, good food and great care, the kittens were thriving and putting on weight. Their personalities emerged as they figured out how to use the litter boxes, climb cat trees and get attention on demand.

She was the only orange kitten in her litter and a love-bug from the startLaura Malone

“The whole time they were with me, I kept thinking of how much work it must have been to feed seven bottle babies. Their (first) foster mom got them as tiny kittens and raised them so well.”


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