Kitten Becomes Best Friends with Another Kitten Like Her After Her Adopter Didn’t Show Up at Animal Shelter

A kitten became best friends with another kitten like her after her adopter didn’t show up at the animal shelter.

cute kittens snuggling, dark calicoTinsley and ElsieTiny Paws Fosters

Late last month, a tiny kitten ended up alone in her shelter kennel when all her siblings had found homes. Her adopter didn’t show up, leaving her by herself, desperately needing placement.

Nadija, a volunteer for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, immediately offered to foster the kitten named Elsie and drove to the shelter that evening to pick her up. “I have such a soft spot for single kittens,” Nadija shared.

Meanwhile, in her home, there was another solo kitten, around the same age as Elsie, also waiting for a friend.

dark calico kitten snugglesElsieTiny Paws Fosters

About a month earlier, a calico kitten, Tinsley, gained a new lease on life when a Good Samaritan rescued her from a dumpster. She was under three weeks old, hungry, and covered in dirt.

Nadija took her into her care and gave her a much-needed bath and full meals.

cute calico kittenTinsleyTiny Paws Fosters

Within days, Tinsley grew a rotund belly and became more active and adventurous. As much as she adored her people, she longed for a feline friend with whom she could play and cuddle.

When Nadija was asked if she could help the new kitten Elsie, she couldn’t say no. “She is the same size and age as Tinsley.”

sweet cute kittenElsie quickly settled into her comfy new roomTiny Paws Fosters

Elsie moved into her foster home that night and settled in quickly. She was a bit shy at first but felt at home in her new crib with comfy cat beds, a mountain of soft blankets, and plushies.

When the two kittens were ready for a meet-and-greet, they hit it off instantly.

calico kittens best friendsElsie and Tinsley became instant friendsTiny Paws Fosters

After giving each other the sniff test, they started romping around the place, chasing each other as if they had always been littermates.

When they needed to recharge after a whirlwind of activity, they curled up next to one another in a cozy bed.

calico kittens best friendsThey snuggle when they napTiny Paws Fosters

Elsie wrapped her arms around her calico sister, squeezing her tightly as Tinsley leaned against her.

She felt safe and comfortable with her new best friend. Watching Tinsley interact with people gave her reassurance and boosted her confidence. She began following Tinsley everywhere like her shadow.

calico kittens hugsTiny Paws Fosters

Elsie came out of her shell and became very vocal, chirping and playing with newfound enthusiasm.

Nadija often walks in on the two wrapped in each other’s arms. “The girls are besties, and I couldn’t be happier, especially for Tinsley, who desperately needed a friend to play and snuggle with.”

calico kittens cuteTiny Paws Fosters

Tinsley is always on the move, zooming around the house, climbing cat towers, and checking out what her foster mom is up to. Elsie is never far away, chirping and meowing at her toys and batting at them with all her might.

Elsie enjoys back scratches, sitting in her foster mom’s lap with her best friend.

calico kittens hugsThey are like two peas in a podTiny Paws Fosters

When they are not playing, the two kindred spirits love to nestle on a cozy blanket or in their cat tower and snooze away in each other’s embrace.

Elsie will never be alone now that Tinsley is by her side. They are looking for a forever home as a pair so they will never be apart.

calico kittens best friendsTiny Paws Fosters

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