Kitten Appeared Outside a House, She Happened to Be the Stepsister of a Cat Saved Just Weeks Before

A kitten appeared outside a house. She happened to be the stepsister of a cat saved just weeks before. They share a heartwarming connection.

kitten cat lookalikeBaby and FeliciaSparkleCatRescue

A young cat, about three months old, wandered into the perfect place for help when she squeezed under a fence into a yard. Helen, the homeowner, noticed the cat’s watery eyes and congested nose and knew she needed immediate attention and care.

She contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue for assistance and rushed the cat, who was running a high fever, to the vet. After spending a night at the clinic, the cat, Felicia, was placed in round-the-clock care to aid in her recovery.

Following several days of supportive care, Felicia began to show signs of improvement and woke up one morning with renewed energy.

rescued cat safeFeliciaSparkleCatRescue

Stephanie Grantham, the founder of the rescue, was thrilled to see that Felicia had devoured the food she’d left out the night before. “And she was hungry for more. It’s warming my heart and soul to know she’s turning a corner for the better,” Stephanie shared with Love Meow.

With Felicia on the mend, it was time to start socialization and daily cuddle sessions. “Each day, she’s grown stronger and stronger.”

cuddly fluffy catSparkleCatRescue

A week after Felicia arrived at the rescue, Stephanie received a call about a tiny kitten, only a few weeks old, found lying on a neighbor’s porch (near Helen’s home). The kitten bore a striking resemblance to Felicia, and they realized the two likely shared the same father.

“Her look-alike, the much younger stepsister, was found in very poor condition. How she got there, we don’t know.”

rescued kitten strayBabySparkleCatRescue

Helen gently scooped up the kitten, Baby, and headed straight to the vet. Upon seeing how tiny and fragile Baby was, weighing under a pound, Stephanie offered to take her in and provide the urgent care she needed.

“Baby was at a critical stage at that point, and the first few hours she was in my care were rough. The thing she had going for her was a good appetite, and she ate wet food on her own.”

kitten snuggly happyWithin 48 hours, Baby’s eyes brightened upSparkleCatRescue

Baby cried throughout the night whenever Stephanie left the room after tending to her. Within 48 hours, her eyes brightened up, and she regained her strength, bouncing back on her paws, ready to play and explore.

Meanwhile, Felicia continued to build her courage around people. She adored other cats and found comfort in their presence. It became clear she would need a feline companion for life.

sweet kitten cute fluffyBabySparkleCatRescue

Once Baby had fully recovered, she was reunited with her sister, Felicia.

Baby immediately felt at ease with her sister, while Felicia was enchanted by the kitten’s boundless energy and curiosity as she inspected every corner of the room.

cat kitten reunitedFelicia and Baby were reunitedSparkleCatRescue

Now, they spend their days playing together, with Baby leading the way in their games, stirring up all kinds of mischief and encouraging Felicia to join in the antics.

Felicia is quite shy, but having Baby around gives her the reassurance she needs to try new things.

kitten cat best friendsThey play together every daySparkleCatRescue

Through Baby, Felicia has discovered the joy of playing with toys and gained confidence by watching the kitten engage with people.

Baby will soon move to her foster-to-adopt home, and Felicia will tag along, embarking on their new adventure together.

cat kitten best friendsBaby is the leader, showing her older sister the joy of playSparkleCatRescue

“Baby’s adopters have agreed to foster Felicia also since she is really coming out of her shell having her bubbly sister to play with.”

With Baby’s playful presence, Felicia is slowly lowering her guard around people, trying to emulate her joyful sister during their daily escapades.

snuggly cat fluffyFelicia is slowly coming out of her shellSparkleCatRescue

The two will never have to worry about another day, now that they have loving people to cater to their every whim.

fluffy kitten scaleBaby has more than doubled her weight since she was rescuedSparkleCatRescue

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