Keeping Wasps Away from Mailboxes: A Simple Solution

Ah, summer. It’s undoubtedly the favorite season of the year for many people – promising warmth, greenery, and plenty of sunshine. But while there aren’t many negatives that come with summertime, there are a few things I’d get rid of if I could. And one of them is wasps.

Now, I understand that wasps are important to the ecosystem, and I wouldn’t want to make them extinct just because I’m personally terrified of them. However, we can all agree that wasps can ruin a BBQ, disrupt a garden party, or send people running for cover.

Imagine, then, what mail carriers have to deal with on a regular basis. A recent Reddit post highlighted the issues faced by mail carriers when it comes to wasps. Apparently, yellowjackets have the habit of building their nests inside mailboxes.

Mailboxes are like ideal homes for wasps – sheltered, hidden, and retaining warmth at night. So when mail carriers unknowingly stick their hand inside the box to deliver mail, they often end up getting stung.

But there’s a simple solution to keep wasps away from mailboxes – scented dryer sheets! The scent acts as a deterrent for wasps, preventing them from claiming a mailbox as their new nesting spot.

Here’s what you need to do:

Easy Steps to Keep Wasps Away from your Mailbox:

  1. Choose a scented dryer sheet with a strong fragrance. Look for popular scents like lavender, citrus, or fresh linen. The stronger the scent, the better it will repel wasps.
  2. Tape the sheet to the inside of your mailbox. Secure the dryer sheet with tape, making sure it doesn’t obstruct the mail slot. Place it in a way that the scent spreads throughout the mailbox.
  3. Replace the sheet periodically with a fresh one to maintain its effectiveness. Over time, the scent of the dryer sheet may fade. It’s important to replace it regularly to ensure it continues to deter wasps effectively.

By following these easy steps, you can help our hardworking mail carriers stay safe and wasp-free this summer.

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