Jungle Lament: The Heartbreaking Cry of a Wolf Trapped in a Net, Ignored and Hopeful (video)

“While driving her Toyota Corolla, Canadian driver Georgie Knox accidentally collided with a wild wolf. She felt the car vibrate and heard a screeching sound, but in the darkness and in the absence of immediate signs of damage, she assumed it was a small animal. Unaware of her, she continued driving another 30 kilometers until a passerby alerted her that something was wrong with the car’s grill.”

When Georgie stopped at the red light, a woman suddenly pointed to the grill of her car and pointed out that something was wrong. The woman said that something wavy and hairy was sticking out of her grille, looking like a dog

Then Georgie got out of the car and went to the front to observe the situation. She almost burst into tears when she saw the convulsing body of an animal, apparently still alive. Ms. Knox immediately called the local animal shelter to report the accident. The center staff quickly arrived at the scene and rescued the black wolf. Luckily, the wolf did not suffer any serious aggression.


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