Introducing Cloud, the adorable kitten who always loves flowers.

This cat is named Cloud, a tabby cat with golden fur and black stripes. Cloud has a round face, big blue eyes, and a long, fluffy tail.

Cloud is a very well-behaved and friendly cat. He loves to play with children and he loves to be cuddled. But what makes Cloud special is his love of flowers.

Cloud loves flowers so much that he can spend hours just looking at and smelling them. He often lies in the garden, curled up in a bed of roses or daisies to relax.

I have seen Cloud passionately sniffing a bouquet of roses. The cat rubbed his nose gently against the soft petals, his eyes closed, his face full of joy.

I don’t know why Cloud loves flowers so much. Maybe he likes the smell of flowers, or maybe he just finds them beautiful and appealing. But whatever the reason, Cloud’s love is a very cute thing.

I hope the story of Cloud will help you learn more about cats. Cats are not just wild animals, they can also have hobbies like humans.

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A chubby cat is sleeping soundly on the bed. I wish i was a cat