“Injured Kitten, Assaulted by Big Dog, Finds Safety and Receives Plenty of Love”

A tiny kitten was found crying alone and helplessly on a street of Thailand. She was just one month old and was in very bad shape. She had serious injuries on her tummy that caused by a huge dog bitten. No one knew about how she came out alone and had to fend for herself. They thought that she lost her mom or was abandoned by someone. It’s heartbroken when a kitten has to live alone without food and a shelter.

Thankfully, some kind-hearted people saved her and sent her to the vet at Amphoe Sai Noi, the northwesternmost district of Nonthaburi Province, central Thailand. Doctors cleaned up her wounds and tried their best to treat them. After one week of medical treatment, she got better and healthier. She could eat by herself and was strong enough to play like other cats.

With all the love and care of the doctors, she finally recovered and gained her health. From an injured kitten with a slim chance of survival, she now becomes a happy and playful cat. She loves to play with everyone and loves to explore everything around her. Thanks to her sweet and great personality, she was adopted by a loving family.

Watch the full rescue here:

After everything happened to her in the past, we are sure that she will grow up in a good life and will be loved and cared by her new owners. Thank you for saving the little kitten and giving her a second chance at a happy life. She will bring joy, and companionship, and love to your life. God bless you for all that you have done for her!

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It’s heartwarming to hear that the poor kitten who was bitten by a big dog is finally safe and receiving so much love. Such incidents can be distressing, but the fact that the kitten is now in a safe environment and receiving the care and affection it deserves is truly uplifting.

“A Family’s Compassion: How They Rescued a Cat from Imminent Peril”

“The survival of newborn kittens left on the freezing ground overnight is a miracle.”