Heroic officer rescues scared puppy from dark tunnel (VIDEO)

The little dog escaped and ended up trapped in a dark tunnel under the canal after being scared by a passing vehicle. Fortunately, a police officer arrived to rescue her and get her out safely.

Joe Brazil, a kind-hearted officer from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is always willing to lend a hand. Recently, his heroic act of rescuing a helpless dog has touched the hearts of many people, including Peggy Edwards, who shared the heartwarming story on Facebook. According to Peggy, the incident occurred on May 2, 2016, when a frightened Yorkshire terrier puppy was startled by a passing car and fled into a tunnel. Joe did not hesitate to go after the little puppy and save him from danger. The story quickly went viral due to its heartfelt nature and we were all touched by Joe’s kindness and bravery.

Peggy took to Facebook to share an incident that occurred on April 30, where a small dog was scared by a car and ended up trapped in a tunnel that ran through a nearby creek.

Despite her initial hesitation, Peggy knew she had to do something to help the stranded pup. However, she was worried about scaring the dog and causing it to go further into the tunnel. In the end, Peggy called the Woonsocket Police Department for help and they were able to successfully rescue the little dog.

After a short period, Officer Joe Brazil arrived and was eager to provide assistance.

The brave police officer was eager to help when Peggy told him about the incident. We are very happy that he managed to rescue the young woman, and Peggy noted: “He didn’t hesitate for a moment and she came out of the water with a soaked and scared little dog.” The kind officer took off his shoes and socks before entering the tunnel to save the little puppy.

According to WJAR NBC10, the officer was able to locate and reported, “As I approached, I could see Cece clinging to the wall and shaking.” The officer was extremely cautious not to further scare the dog inside the tunnel, given how scared she was. And then something amazing happened! As he approached the frightened dog, he allowed Cece to follow her fingers a little further into the tunnel, and then picked her up!

During an interview, Perez shared that her beloved pet, Cece, was only five months old when she disappeared.

Perez was filled with anxiety and couldn’t sleep as she drove and contacted anyone who might have seen her furry friend. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Peggy Edwards and Officer Joe Brazil, Cece was rescued from a terrifying tunnel and reunited with her owner.

We are all grateful that Cece was saved and was able to return home to her loving owner.


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