Heartbreaking: Dog found locked in an abandoned house, crying for help (video)

He cried like a baby when I saw him locked in a tree in an abandoned house.

November 1st 9:0 p.m. – I’m heading there to save Blackie. He was found by a woman who had recently bought a new house.

Reiki: Your sister was surprised to see a human again, even though I was a complete stranger to her.

Since the woman claimed the house had been empty for a month, Blackie and Reiki must have been locked up that entire time.

Their eyes show that they are now full of hope. I’m crying as I sit here with my two well-cared for dogs. Bless those who were able to save these lovers.

People are terribly evil and cruel. Even animals have emotions! I appreciate your help with Blackie and his brother.

It seems inconceivable to me that someone could be so brutal to innocent and defenseless animals. I hope whoever did this has a tragic life and only experiences suffering for the rest of his pitiful, useless existence!


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