He Installed A Webcam In The Stray Cat’s Home To Make Sure That He Comes Safely

Maria Cassano spotted a cat carrying a tiny kitten strolling through the backyard of her father’s house on Long Island, New York, a few years ago. She tried to feed them despite her father’s objections, and she managed to persuade him to make an exception.

Maria was anxious that the cat wouldn’t be able to milk her baby since she didn’t eat well, so she began calling her “mother” and placing food for her outside the home. As a result, the cat became a regular visitor, and the family’s new fear was the cold.

Maria told The Dodo :

“My dad is very skilled and although he is not a fan of having pets in the house, he is a really empathetic guy and loves to help”

One of her neighbors adopted the little kitten, but mom was still on the streets and stopped by Maria’s father’s house to eat, so the man decided to build a house for mom.

Maria tells:

“When his girlfriend and I started worrying about the cats that survived the cold weather, my father ordered the supplies for a heated cat house, covered it with waterproof materials, built a base and put it in the backyard.”


Soon after, Maria’s anxious father decided to install an infrared camera to ensure that they both went back to sleep peacefully; he had no clue that this plan would result in gorgeous and endearing photographs.


Maria was eventually able to contact out and arrange for mom and her kitten to be spayed and vaccinated at a nearby shelter.

Maria continued, ”

“It was autumn, and the shelter stated mom may return, but the kitten was probably too young to survive the winter if left outside.”


So the woman looked after the small cat to keep it warm in the winter and eventually found it a lifelong home. Mom, on the other hand, has two new kitty pals named Inky and Finky, with whom she enjoys spending time in the backyard.


Maria had this to say:

“They won’t allow us to touch them or come inside, but they recognize us, snooze on the stool [or] in the lawn chairs, socialize with us in the backyard, and occasionally come to the window when it’s time to feed.”


They’ve gradually introduced additional cat-friendly areas.

Maria commented:

“Over the years, we’ve added a couple of additional houses and a ‘cat igloo,’ to keep all of our tenants comfortable; I call them ‘Steve’s Cat Condos.’”


The stray cats now have a comfortable shelter to spend the winter evenings thanks to Maria and her father.



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