Guy Comes Home From Work To Find Someone’s In His Bed

Hayden Winter intended to eat supper and then go to bed when he came home from work late Tuesday night. However, when he entered his bedroom, he discovered that someone had beaten him to it.

A kitty.


She was tucked between Winter’s covers and comforter, peering up at him as if he were an intruder.

Winter knew her as Fezgin, a local cat that happily lives on the streets in his Istanbul area.


Winter told The Dodo, “Istanbul is really a metropolis of cats and dogs.” “It’s fantastic – people just feed them and they become a part of the community.”

When Winter looked through his window, he noticed that Fezgin had made her way through a hole in the screen before making herself at home in his bedroom. He stated that this wasn’t the first time she’d broken in, but she doesn’t normally leap into his bed.


“She’s a little naughty,” Winter observed. “She’s always tinkering.”

Winter took a few photographs and shared them on Catspotting, a secret Facebook group where her break-in received a lot of attention.


While Fezgin did not stay that night, Winter is considering allowing her to stay in his bedroom if she needs to over the winter.

He’s certain that if she requires warmth, she’ll show up on her own.

“I’m confident she’ll come back,” Winter said. “She’s the boss, like all cats in Istanbul.”


Lying useless in plunging temperatures, he sees one in all her paws make the slightest of movements!

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