Group of Kids Takes Care of Blind Neighborhood Cat

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As a group of children were playing in their building yard in Latakia, Syria, they found a small beautiful cat. She was shaking and could not open her eyes. They called two women who live in the same building. The two young women took the cat to the veterinary doctor.


He checked her eyes, administered an antibiotic eye drop, and said that the cat was totally blind. The two women then took the young cat back to the yard and told the children what the doctor said. One of them suggested that the cat should still live in the yard and the children could take care of it. The children agreed without hesitation. They gave her a name: “Kitty.”


Everyday they gave her food, milk, and water and played with her. They divided tasks between them. Everyday, one of them is responsible for feeding her. She loves them a lot. Now she has gained weight and sounds healthier and happier.

The story heroes are: Sibelle, Angel, Adam, Dr. Hind, Dr. Naya, Ritta, Dr. Ousama, Haya, Lar, Tala, and Milar.


Story submitted by Dr. Hind Haydar from Latakia, Syrian Arab Republic.



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