Gorgeous Cat Asks for Adoption Ceremony, Family Gives Her Everything to Give Her a Lifetime of Love

Beautiful Cat Begs for Affection at Adoption Center, Family Drops Everything to Give Her Lifetime of Love

A beautiful senior cat begged for affection at an adoption center. A family dropped everything to give her a lifetime of comfort and love.

cat different eye colors

Tassy the catHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Tassy, the cat, was 18 years old when she was surrendered to Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. She was nervous at first but didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

“We were told that after nine years with two small dogs (in her previous home), they continually wanted to play with her, but she no longer enjoyed their energetic personalities and began running away from them in fear,” Kimberly Wade of Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions shared with Love Meow.

She has a pair of gorgeous eyes, one amber and one yellow. “She’s 18, and we knew she wouldn’t do her best in a shelter, even a small, cage-free one like ours.”

beautiful different color eyed cat

She’s 18 and has two different colored eyesHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

She acclimated to a free-roaming room with other cats but craved human companionship. “She was very affectionate and wanted all the attention from anyone who came to visit. She would chirp at the door when dinner was being served.”

Tassy made the best of her time at the center, running her purr engine nonstop and seeking attention and lap time from staff and volunteers. She was a sweetheart through and through, even with the occasional stern look on her face.

fluffy cat tree

She is very affectionate even when she looks very seriousErica via Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

“She begs for attention. She purrs nonstop, naps a lot, and is very mellow. (For a loving cat who just wants to be around people), we knew the longer she stayed in the shelter, the bigger her chance of declining.”

They devised a plan to get Tassy back into a loving home as soon as possible. “We have no way of knowing how much time she has left – it could be months or years. She needed a true hero.”

beautiful cat eyes

Tassy wanted attention from everyone who came to visit herHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

The first post they did about Tassy received little interest, but the following one caught the attention of thousands on social media as people started sharing and interacting with it.

Inquiries about Tassy began trickling in, one of which came from Sofia.

shelter cat adoption

Sofia and TassyHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Sofia fell head over heels for the senior cat and contacted the shelter on the same day the post went out. When she got the approval for a meet-and-greet, she dropped everything and hit the road with her daughter to see Tassy.

“She came to the adoption center about an hour later, carrier in hand, anticipating she would 100% be taking Tassy home.”

sweet senior cat hugs

Tassy leaned into Sofia for a cuddleHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

The second Tassy noticed the family, she switched on her purr motor, rose from the comfort of her slumber, and came down from the cat tree.

She leaned into Sofia for pets and wriggled into her arms.

sweet senior lap cat

She purred up a storm while cuddling with her new familyHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Tassy spent some lap time with the family, soaking up all the love from each person, instantly melting their hearts. She left the shelter with her forever family, a dream come true.

“We are so glad it worked out because sweet senior Tassy deserved it.”

shelter cat cuddles

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Tassy has settled beautifully into her new abode. She has many comfy places to lounge on and a little cat house, where she looks out the window and basks in the warm sun.

happy fluffy cat

Tassy loves her cat house with a view out the windowSofia via Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

She has a big family to dote on her all day and night, never lacking an ounce of love. “She is doing amazing. The most loving lil turtle dove,” Sofia shared on Facebook.

happy fluffy cat

Sofia via Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

On a bitterly cold day, the cat curled up outside the house. When the door opened, he came in, ready for a change.

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