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In this neck of the woods, we have a slight infatuation with Bengal Cats. It’s hard not to, really, since Bengal Cats are absolutely stunning, clever, and one-of-a-kind. Let me introduce you to Mose, a Charcoal Bengal Cat who just turned four. Mose has a little bit of an obsession with The Office, the famous American TV show featuring Steve Carell, John Krasinksi, and Rainn Wilson, among others. His Instagram account is a delightful combination of his gorgeous appearance and witty captions that never fail to entertain. Believe me when I say that Mose is an incredibly handsome cat, and his social media presence is a constant source of amusement. We can’t stress enough how much you should check it out. Don’t miss our interview with Mose and his family, it’s a must-read! So here he is, Mose, a four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat, living his best life.

This is Mose. He's a four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat living his best life.

As per the information provided by UC Davis, Bengal cats with charcoal coats exhibit a distinctive pattern featuring a darker mask on their face and a thick dorsal stripe known as a “cape.”

According to UC Davis, Charcoal Bengals

The unique and captivating “charcoal” pattern that you see in my cousin Mose, is created when a domestic cat with a non-agouti variant and an Asian Leopard Cat with an agouti variant come together.

We inquired about the adoption story of my cousin Mose, and his humans were happy to share. Mose’s mom fondly recalls how they crossed paths – it all started when a breeder reached out, inquiring if she would be willing to take on a “project Bengal.” As it turns out, Mose had been quite wild and untamed during his early kittenhood. However, captivated by his mesmerizing, emerald-green eyes, she couldn’t resist but fall head over heels. And from that moment on, their lives became beautifully intertwined, creating their own unique history together.

We asked Mose's humans how Mose came to live with them. His mom said:

my.relative.mose.bengal She continued: “It has taken a lot of effort on both my spouse and I’s part to ensure his socialization.”

She added:

Intrigued and instantly drawn to Mose’s mesmerizing photographs, our curiosity was piqued, prompting us to yearn for a deeper understanding of this absolutely endearing feline.

Immediately captivated by Mose and his stunning pictures, we wanted to know so much more about the adorable cat.

Mose’s mother excitedly shared with us about his impeccable palate when it comes to indulging in delectable snacks. She exclaimed, “Mose’s ultimate go-to treat that he simply cannot resist is none other than raw beef!”

His mom told us about the exceptional taste Mose has in treats:

my.friend.mose.bengal And he hasn’t been without his mischievous acts (as most cats tend to be mischievous), his loved ones shared with us about his most mischievous escapade: “The most mischievous act Mose has ever committed was urinating on my previous iPad as a means to claim his territory. It goes without saying that I had to invest in a new tablet.”

And he's not been without his shenanigans (as most cats tend to be full of shenanigans,) his family told us about his naughtiest adventure:

Isn’t this the epitome of purity? (Sneaky question, every cat has a “innocent” countenance!)

This seems like the face of innocence though, doesn't it? (Trick question, all cats have an

What is Mose’s passion? “Mose has a deep fondness for anything involving a string. Whether it’s the strings on a hoodie or the drawstrings on pants, he simply adores playing with them.”

What does Mose love to do?

Mose doesn’t reside in solitude with his human companions; in fact, he is part of an extensive and magnificent clan of feline wonders.

Mose doesn't live alone with his humans, he actually has a big, beautiful, cat-tastic family.

According to his owners, they informed us that Mose is the sole male member residing in a household of five Bengals.

His humans told us:

She further commented, stating that the cat holds an undeniable position of power, often taking charge and exerting authority over his sisters. She humorously remarked that he handles his role with expertise, effectively managing his siblings. A true depiction of the cat in a position of leadership!

She added:

If you’re a fan of Mose, and we’re pretty confident that you are, make sure to stay connected with him through his social media platforms. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with all the hilarious pranks and mischief he gets up to. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out!

If you like Mose, which we're sure you do, don't forget to keep up with his social media.

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