From Shadows to Light: The Incredible Metamorphosis of a Rescued Dog

Returning from work, Rico Soegiarto met Hope for the first time. The Siberian husky was lying in the middle of the street in Depasar, Bali. emaciated and dull. 
Living on the island of Bali, stray dogs are a familiar sight. But something about Hope made Rico pause.

Rico, 26, already has four black dogs, but was immediately attracted to her.

“I don’t know what was so special about you,” Rico told Bored Païda. “It’s about heart and trust. “I found him when I was coming back from work, he was in the middle of the street.”

He took her home and knew she wouldn’t have much time to live in care. Despite her enormous greed, Hope’s eyes shone with the same intensity.

When he saw how much hope there was in her eyes, Rico was even more determined to give her a second chance.

He began to take care of her until she recovered. 

Light but sure, Hope’s fur began to thicken and she began to put on weight. Her adorable personality also began to emerge.  
After 10 months, Rico was caught up with her transformation.  
Hope is also excited about her new life. She is now part of Rico’s family and loves to be petted and given attention.

It’s wonderful to see Hope so healthy after being so loved. And what if Rico had cared about her and rescued her from her.

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