From desolation to dazzle: Tiggy’s extraordinary journey to rescued splendor

A sick couple have been accused of starving their dog Lυrcher in one of the most horrific examples of animal cruelty researchers have ever seen.

Kerry Patterson, 35, and Reece Milberg, 30, allegedly discovered three-year-old Tiggy dumped on the side of the road and handed him over to the hospital.

An animal protection officer arrived at Blyth’s home, Northampton, and characterized the animal’s covetousness as “the worst case he had seen in his 15 years on the job.”

Tiggy was photographed with almost no hair on her body and with her ribs protruding from her thin body.

She was also more dehydrated, suffered from colds and mite infestation, and was so weak that she could not hurt her foot.

Tiggy was discovered just a few days before Christmas 2019 and her heartbreaking photographs went viral, prompting Northampton County Council to make an appeal to identify her owners.

Several days later, the council received dozens of letters saying that Tiggy was the property of Pattersoп and Milbυrп.

On Thursday, March 3, the pair appeared before North Tyпeside Magistrates’ Court and admitted having inflicted unnecessary suffering on the protected species.

He will also accept neglecting the care of his other dog, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

This is a terrier that suffers from skin ailments and mite infestation.

The duo were sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, banned from owning or keeping animals for the rest of their lives and asked to pay a victim fee of £120 each.

According to council spokesperson Philip Soderqest, it is “one of the most shocking and notable examples of animal cruelty the council has ever seen.”

“Our animal welfare team works tirelessly to investigate cases of animal cruelty and cruelty and bring those guilty to justice,” he added.

“We supported Tiggy’s former owners in court and, even though it took two years, we finally got the result we needed today,” the lawyer says.

Tiggy’s story ended happily thanks to the hard work of the Berwick Animal Rescue Ceter team.

“She is the image of health and happiness, with her new home, with her new life with dog friends and even her new man.”

The couple’s other dog, Eпzo, is still in the kennel waiting for his forever home.

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