Following an accident, he lied on the side of the road, as a witness to human weaknesses

It was as if a strange predestined relationship brought Flor to me. I came home after a few days of work and found her lying on my doorstep.

I didn’t know how long she had been lying here, but if I didn’t find out what would happen to Flor. When I saw her fragile body, my heart suddenly felt very sad. After cleaning Flor’s body, I took her to the cet to check her health.

Doctors said his front legs were broken and his back legs suffered minor injuries. Flor would have a cast on her front legs and she would wait for the results. Flor took the test again and found the best way to recover. And one of Flor’s front legs was badly damaged and she could no longer recover.

If the amputation was not done quickly, his life would be in danger. Flor’s leg would be amputated in the next few days. Although it was difficult, I thought Flor knew from the beginning that this was going to happen to her. The surgery was carried out successfully thanks to the dedication of the doctors and the efforts of Flor.

The results of the tests and the evolution of the wound were very good. I decided to bring her home after a long stay at the vet. Hopefully, when she got home she would be in a better mood and heal faster. Although knowing it, it was difficult to accept this great bodily defect.

But he believed that she would pull through as she had done so far. Every day he spent with Flor was a happy day. She accepted what was happening to her in the most positive way. New friends were at her side sharing and empathizing with her.

Flor did not think of this defect as a misfortune, she saw it as a mark of her life. So that every time she walked she would remember how resilient he used to be. Flor’s path to healing was still very long. He would follow Flor’s every move next time.

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