Family Plans to Adopt a Cat but Can’t Leave His Cat Buddy Who Has Waited in Shelter for 240 Days

A family planned to adopt a cat but couldn’t leave his buddy who had waited in the shelter for about 240 days.

cute cream cat tabbyTippy ToesMichelle

Michelle recently contacted her animal shelter, Exploits Valley SPCA, after her beloved kitty Hank passed away. She was ready to open her heart to a cat who needed a home. When she saw a beige tabby named Tippy Toes, she fell head over heels for him.

When Tippy came to the shelter, he was in rough shape with an eye infection, broken toes, and injured paw pads. He needed a foster home after getting treated, and volunteers Jennifer and Mike, who were home on vacation, stepped up to help.

“He’s got a heart of gold and the resilience of a champion. Despite sporting two healing paws, this muted yellow marvel moves like he’s on a mission of love,” Jennifer shared.

cute cream tabby catExploitsValleySPCA

Tippy was thrilled to have a respite from shelter life and explored every nook and cranny with his tail held high. “He’s a super confident little man.”

He was so brave and trusting that he didn’t flinch when he received eyedrops. He was eager to please, rubbing up against his foster parents, always ready for a snack.

snuggly cream cat tabbyHe was so happy to be in a homeJennifer

Tippy quickly blossomed with the change of environment. He trailed his foster parents from room to room and insisted on being constantly present.

He didn’t use the cat tree or play with toys, but he offered “help” with jigsaw puzzles, supervised his humans in the bathroom, and curled up at the foot of the bed each night to sleep.

happy cream cat tabbyJennifer

The couple hoped to secure a good family for Tippy before leaving town. “He’s a polite, affectionate soul who lives for rubs. He deserves a forever family that can provide all the love and belly rubs he can handle.”

If Tippy had to return to the shelter, they wanted to see if he would do well with a feline companion.

happy sleeping cream catJennifer

“Jennifer messaged me wondering if they could borrow another cat for a sleepover, and I knew just the guy. Our friendliest, chillest, silliest of cats – Chatter,” Exploits Valley SPCA shared.

The dapper tuxedo cat had been in the shelter for more than half a year and could do with a fun night away.

tuxedo cat cuteChatterExploitsValleySPCA

Chatter, a man about town, gets along with everyone, even dogs. When he met Tippy, the two just hit it off. He was overjoyed to have all the space and shared the comfy bed with his new best friend.

“He simply wants a home once and for all where he can love and be loved.”

sweet cream cat tabbyJennifer

When Michelle learned about Tippy’s bosom buddy, she was excited as she happened to have both of them on her “potential cats” list.

She reached out to Jennifer about the duo, and the next day, she had good news to share.

tuxedo cream cat friendsChatter and Tippy found their forever home togetherMichelle

“Chatter and Tippy won’t be coming back to the shelter. They’re coming to live with me,” Michelle said.

After about 240 days, Chatter’s dream came true. He quickly settled into his new abode, claiming every inch he touched, while Tippy took his time to get familiar with the surroundings.

tuxedo cat kitchen counterMichelle

Tippy loves sharing his kingdom with Chatter. They do everything together, whether it’s napping on the big bed or plotting mischief, living each day to the fullest.

tuxedo cream cats sleepingBest of friendsMichelle

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