Family Notices Cat Outside Their Home During Snow Storm and Spends All Night Trying to Save Him

A family noticed a cat outside their home during a snow storm and spent all night trying to save him.

fluffy gray catMyrlinCOMRescueMontreal

John and Arianne saw a long-haired gray cat wandering around their neighborhood a few times. He didn’t have a home and was elusive and wary.

They had a snow storm the other night, which covered their balcony in a blanket of white. While they were out getting a few things, they were surprised to see the gray cat in their yard.

The cat immediately bolted into the alley at the sight of the couple. The temperatures were freezing, so they decided to help him.

stray fluffy cat snowCOMRescueMontreal

The cat most likely had taken refuge under a tarp over an outdoor chair. The couple set up a camera, put out food and warm water, and hoped the cat would return.

A few hours later, the cat emerged from the stairs to the balcony. When he noticed the food, he rushed over and scarfed it down like there was no tomorrow. “He quickly emptied the dish, and instead of running away, he stayed. He was still hungry,” Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

stray fluffy cat hungryCOMRescueMontreal

Arianne carefully walked outside with more food, trying her best not to startle the cat. “He got scared and flew off the balcony.”

She followed him and called out to him. To her surprise, the cat meowed back from the dark alleyway. He timidly returned to the balcony for another meal. “He seemed to want help. He had knots and snow in his coat.”

cat rescued humane trapCOMRescueMontreal

The family stood up until 3 AM trying to coax the cat inside, but to no avail.”

The next day, they borrowed a humane trap and set it in the yard near the chair where he took shelter. They got the cat a few hours later with some smelly food as a lure. “They secured him in a quiet room and named him Myrlin.”

shy stray cat trustHe started to warm up to his peopleCOMRescueMontreal

The couple contacted their animal rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, to get him the medical attention he needed. “He got a checkup, a full dental, and many extractions.”

Myrlin returned to his foster home and began socialization. He was very shy at first, but the second he was petted, he closed his eyes and nuzzled against his human. His purr engine switched on, and his demeanor softened.

fluffy gray cat tongueHe has blossomed into a happy purr machineCOMRescueMontreal

“With a little time and plenty of love, Myrlin came out of his shell and turned into a love bug.”

“He has almost no teeth, so he often sticks out his tongue. He is a little gentleman who gets along with other cats but loves people with all his heart. He offers hugs and snuggles when they are working from home.”

fluffy cat tongueHe has few teeth left and often sticks out his tongueCOMRescueMontreal

Myrlin has spent countless nights outside, braving the elements. Now, he shares a big, comfy bed with his people every night.

“He is a purr machine, and he drools when happy. Myrlin loves to be petted, and in return, he gives his people nose kisses and rubs his head against theirs.”

dapper handsome cat fluffyCOMRescueMontreal

“When he’s not glued to his humans, he can be found perching on top of the cat tree, watching little critters and neighbors out the window.”

Myrlin has discovered new toys, scratching posts, catnip, and springs, which amuse him greatly.

cute gray cat tongueCOMRescueMontreal

“He loves being the center of attention, the king of the castle. He makes this high-pitched meow when he demands cuddles or food.”

happy fluffy catHappy and lovedCOMRescueMontreal

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