Enchanting Ears: With its adorable appearance, this adorable cat with two rabbit-like ears piques interest and delights the internet community.

There is just something about polydactyl cats that many of us cat lovers can’t help but go crazy for. And, after all, how could you not?! I mean, the only thing cuter than cat paws is kitties with extra toes on those cat paws, and for one curly-eared cutie cat named Yeti, he’s a ginger tabby that’s got toes for days. Born in April of 2021, his human tells me that he’s not done growing yet as his breed is known to be large. These gentle giants of the cat world are adored for their curly ears, rumpy little tails, and loveable personalities. Yeti has all of those traits, plus extra toes, and he’s a ginger cat on top of all that, so really, he’s cat lover krypton

How did Yeti get his name?

He was named after the Yeti which is an abominable snowman a mythological creature that is huge white and furry like Bigfoot.

What is his personality like?

He is confident, highly intelligent, sweet, cuddly and enjoys being a troublemaker.

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