Emaciated And Starving Cat Makes Miraculous Transformation After Being Rescued

Meet Brisbane, one of the foster kittens is raised by Ellen Richter, a foster mom for kittens and cats in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before living under the love and care of Ellen, Brisbane used to be a stray kitten who was in terrible condition. The young boy was found lying helplessly in someone’s yard. He was emaciated, dehydrated, and filthy due to living on the streets. Thankfully, the kind person who found him took him to the shelter for help.

When he arrived at the shelter, he was about 1 year old. Despite being a stray, he was extremely sweet and friendly. He seemed to realize that he was in good hands, so he was happy to let staff touch him and help him. After being checked and cleaned, he was moved to his foster house, where he was nursed back to health by his great foster mom Ellen.


Thanks to the care and love of Ellen, Brisbane slowly adapted to his new place and started to gain his health. He was healthier and became better every day. He was finally off antibiotics for his upper respiratory, but he still needed on antihistamines for his skin scratching.

After 106 days, Brisbane made a full recovery. From an emaciated and starving cat living in a bad condition, he now transforms into a happy and healthy cat. The precious little Baby had gone through so much pain, but we are happy to know that he is doing great and enjoying his best life. After everything happened to him in the past, he now has a warm caring home and a mum. What a sweet little Baby.


Thank you Ellen for saving that poor sweet boy’s life. You are an angel on earth! If love Brisbane and Ellen, you can follow them on Instagram for update about him and her work.

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