Elusive Shelter Cat Only Comes Out for Specific Volunteer, Who Ends Up Adopting Her

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I’ve volunteered at a local SPCA by offering to walk the dogs and to socialize with cats. I don’t get attached easily and I wasn’t looking to adopt at all when Anna has arrived in the free-roaming cat room.

Anna is a very large gray tuxedo 8-year-old female that hid in the “holed box” ledge near the ceiling in that room. I happened to be very wary of her size and be very careful not to upset her when I gave each cat a treat. They nicknamed her “The Queen” because of her size and her quick reprimand with other cats.


Anna’s box was right above me while I was sitting on the bench, and I’d treated her like any other cat. She came down slowly and began to rub herself on the bench and myself with her headbutting, which surprised me. I thought she was a shy cat, but she just wanted to be left alone by certain people.


One day, a staff member asked me if I could assist in weighing Anna because staff couldn’t do so at all before. I then found out that she rarely came down from her box ledge for anyone, except me and perhaps another volunteer. I knew immediately that she was a special cat for us. I insisted that my husband meet her, and on that day, we did my routine with the cats. She came down like clockwork and came across our laps to lay down and purred!


He fell in love with her immediately and cautioned me that she may get adopted before we could take her. The adoption fee wasn’t the issue, it was the pet deposit included. One agonizing month and enough money later, I discovered that she actually never came down from that ledge at ALL for anyone since. I like to believe that she had purposely reserved herself for us to have enough time to get her home finally.

And that day we came for her? She was down waiting for us. She’s still a queen in our home and I’m completely honored and proud to be her human!

Story submitted by A. Palmer from Roanoke, Virginia.



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