Driver Runs Out Onto Street to Save Injured Cat in Middle of the Road

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One day while driving, I spotted a black and white ball of fluff in the middle of the road. I drove past it, and saw that it was a small kitten that I was pretty sure must have been run over and killed. I just had to stop and check.


While dodging cars and irate taxi drivers, I saw that the kitten was not dead. It looked up at me with large frightened pleading eyes! I scooped it up in my arms and ran back to my car. Fortunately, I was close to my vet and got there as fast as possible while still driving a manual car with one arm!

I was convinced that my vet would have to put the kitten to sleep. A few hours later, the doctor called to say that the kitten was alright and that she was a little girl of about 10-12-weeks-old. However, it looked like someone had tried to cut her tail off right at the base. She must have escaped, only to run across the road and be knocked by a passing car.


The tail had to be amputated very low down and some of the skin had to be re-grafted back onto the tail stump. It was quite a tricky operation but successful in the end. Anyway, four weeks, a serious case of the sniffles, and two operations on the tail later, the little girl came home with me. She now runs around like a Manx chasing my other four cats up and down trees. Considering what trauma she had been through, she is the sweetest and cuddliest little cat you can imagine.


Because this little girl had such a rough start and was really, really lucky that I was driving by and stopped to check on her, a friend suggested that I call her Flucky. Flippen Lucky. I think I am the lucky one in the end with this precious soul.

Story submitted by Candice from Johannesburg, South Africa.



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