Disabled Man Gets Out Of His Wheelchair And Risks His Life To Rescue Kitten Stuck In Drain (Video)

This is the truly amazing moment a disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair to save a kitten stuck in a storm drain.
Mr Mujtahid, 30, noticed the tiny kitty holding onto the concrete barriers for dear life and knew he had to help.

Despite not having any use of his legs, he courageously pulled himself out of the chair and scrambled down the steep grassy bank to reach the poor kitten.


Mr Mujtahid’s friend who also disabled filmed the moment he reached down in the drain to retrieve the cat.

Initially, when Mr Mujtahid looked in the drain, he was too far away from the kitty, so he readjusted his position and tried again.
He is finally able to gently grab the kitten away from the danger of the storm drain and into the safety of the grass.