Coast Guard Rescues Family’s Lost Dog In Distress Who Fell Overboard

A dog who fell overboard and went missing off the coast of North Carolina is alive and well thanks to the heroic efforts of the United States Coast Guard.

While the U.S. Coast Guard was conducting law enforcement missions in the area, they received a call regarding a vessel whose dog fell overboard in Pamlico Sound.

About five minutes after receiving the call, lookouts aboard the Coast Guard boat saw movement in the calm waters. Once they got closer, they discovered the missing dog swimming towards their boat.

Myla was clearly in distress and seemed relieved that the Coast Guard noticed her.

Once the crew was close enough, they worked together to grab Myla and bring her on board.

They examined her to make sure she was in good health and not injured, and gave her VIP treatment on their boat.

Aside from being exhausted, Myla was thankfully OK. Once they got to shore, the Coast Guard was able to happily reunite her with her worried owners.

The U.S. Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet posted a video of the rescue on their Facebook page, which you can watch below.

“We want to congratulate Myla on being a good girl and an amazing doggie swimmer!” they wrote.



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