Cat with a Single Kitten Finds Someone to Let Them in and Even Plays Fetch Every Day to ‘Thank’ Them

Cat with a Single Kitten Finds Someone to Let Them in and Even Plays Fetch Every Day to 'Thank' Them

A cat with a single kitten found someone to let them in. She began playing fetch every day to “thank” them.

cat snuggles kitten

Angel the cat and Willow the kitten@littlefostermeows

A few weeks ago, a tabby cat was brought into an animal rescue, IndyHumane, with her litter of newborns. As a young mom, she wasn’t sure what to do, and sadly only one kitten made it.

A foster volunteer, Belinda, took them into her care, so the mother, Angel, and daughter, Willow, could start a new chapter in the comfort of a loving home.

Shortly after arriving, Angel scoured out her new space with curiosity. She relaxed knowing that they were safe and started tending to her kitten.

cat tabby kitten sleeping


Angel, being a young mom, needed some help and extra accommodations with raising her fur child. She would move Willow around and find a new corner or nook to carry her baby to.

“I would move Willow back to the playpen, and within 24 hours, Angel would find another corner of the room,” Belinda shared with Love Meow.

cat mom nursing kitten


Belinda made sure that wherever Angel decided to migrate to (inside a box, under a desk or simply on the floor), it would be safe and comfortable for both of them.

At around three weeks old, Willow started to waddle and attempt to venture outside the nest on her own. She would wrestle with plush toys that were bigger than her, and grapple with her mom’s face with all her might.

kitten wrestle mom cat


Angel put up with Willow’s many antics and rough and tumble. As her kitten became more independent, Angel began to spend more time with her people, playing with them and doling out affection.

“Angel is such a sweetheart. She rubs all over me and loves belly rubs. She fetches a toy mouse and soft ball. She brings them right back to me every time I throw them for her,” Belinda told Love Meow.

sweet tabby kitten willow


The tabby mom is still a kitten at heart and gets very excited when she plays. She goes after every toy that Belinda lobs, brings it back and drops it at her feet as a token of appreciation.

She doesn’t seem to tire out from all the running and hopping, and can go on and on fetching.

cat playing fetch

Angel plays fetch with her foster mom every day@littlefostermeows

At four weeks old, Willow has figured out how to walk and climb with her four limbs, and doesn’t hesitate to clamber onto a warm lap for snuggles.

“She plays with mama and is starting to run.”

sweet kitten box


Angel has shown Willow how to use the litter box and how to tackle solid food like a big kitty. She enjoys watching Willow hone her pouncing and running skills, cheering her on and joining the fun.

With her arms outstretched, Angel often looks as if she were guiding her kitten to play and explore.

cat plays kitten

Angel loves watching her kitten play@littlefostermeows

“Angel has turned out to be a great mama. Willow is blossoming into a sweetheart just like her mom.”

The kitten is growing in leaps and bounds and reaching the one-pound mark.

kitten on scale weight

She is almost one pound@littlefostermeows

Angel is doing an excellent job, catering to Willow’s every whim. They are thriving beautifully in their foster home.

Willow’s big personality is emerging. She has already turned into a full-fledged lap cat.

kitten lap cat willow


Angel couldn’t be happier to be raising her kitten alongside her foster family who keeps her company, plays fetch with her every day and reassures her that she’s loved.

sweet cat kiten


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