Cat Watched a Kind Person from a Distance Before Finding Courage to Come to the Door and Change His Life

A cat watched a kind person from a distance before finding the courage to come to the door and change his life.

stray cat bushesHumphreyAshley

A few weeks ago, Ashley, director of Liberation Cat House, noticed a new face in her neighborhood – a lone tabby cat appeared in the bushes in front of her house.

“He was a little skittish when I first saw him. I think a lot of his skittishness had to do with all the noise (from the busy street) and so much going on,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

“He would come close to me, but then a loud truck would go by, and he’d run back into the bushes.”

stray cat bushesHe showed up in front of the house and slept in the bushesAshley

Ashley started feeding the cat while making posts and asking around the neighborhood to see if he had a home, but no one came to claim him.

For a little while, the shy tabby watched Ashley from a distance or behind some bushes. He quickly learned that she always came with food, and he found the courage to approach her at the door.

stray cat hiding bushesHumphrey watched Ashley from behind the bushesAshley

“He began to recognize me and would immediately come running to greet me. He even started to wait by the door at certain times of the day.”

Once the tabby accepted pets, he became a snuggle bug, rubbing up against Ashley and leaning into head scratches. He was friendly and didn’t belong on the streets.

stray cat neighborhoodAshley

Ashley and her team at Liberation Cat House planned to bring him in and find him a home he deserved.

“I tried bringing him in a couple of times just for very short periods, but he would inevitably run to the door and want back out. Soon, it became the opposite – when he was outside, I’d hear him meowing at the door, begging to be let inside.”

sweet stray cat friendlyHe decided to accept pets one dayAshley

One day, he followed Ashley into the house as soon as the door opened and never looked back. “I think he decided the indoor life was for him.”

“He started walking around like he owned the place, trying out all the cat scratches and then finding a soft bed to cuddle up in.”

happy snuggly catHumphrey is so happy to be indoorsAshley

Excited to be off the streets, Humphrey, the cat, crawled onto Ashley’s lap, kneading away and purring up a storm.

Humphrey was neutered, vetted, and treated for a UTI. “We estimate his age to be around two years old. He is incredibly good-natured and sweet. He loves meeting people – especially once they pet him, he will start nuzzling against them and purring.”

sweet cat rolling aroundHe’s neutered and vetted and ready to find his forever homeAshley

“He’s very affectionate. When he had to go to the vet, they marveled at how good he was. He doesn’t mind being picked up, and he did so well when they had to examine him.”

Ashley brought Humphrey to an event recently where he received lots of love and pets from people. He spent most of his time lounging on his foster mom, snoozing contentedly without a care in the world.

happy lap catHe loves to sit on a lap all dayAshley

“I wish I knew his back story because he is such a good boy and trusts humans even though he was living outside. I’m just glad he found his way to me,” Ashley added.

“I know his forever home is out there with someone looking to adopt an affectionate, cuddly boy who will really bond with them.”

playful cat cuteAshley

“One of the best things about adopting an adult cat is knowing their personality. I’ve learned very quickly that Humphrey is a lover. Sitting in your lap is where he is happiest.”

Humphrey wandered to the right place for help. He left the streets and never looked back.

sweet cat happyAshley

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