Cat Takes in Kittens That Needed a Mom and Feels Complete with Them in Her Presence

A cat took in a litter of orphan kittens that needed a mom, and felt complete with them in her presence.

Venus the cat momBest Friends Felines

A grey and white cat was handed into a vet clinic while she was in the process of giving birth. Sadly, her kittens didn’t make it and the mom was distraught.

On the same day, a litter of orphan kittens that had been found in a park, were brought to the clinic. They were tiny neonates and in desperate need of a mother’s love. The staff decided to place the kittens with the cat mom and see if she would accept them.

“She immediately started to allow them to feed and give them a bath. It’s one of those tear worthy moments to see a mother who lost all her babies, accept babies who had no mom,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared with Love Meow.

She adopted a litter of orphan kittens after she lost her ownBest Friends Felines

Best Friends Felines (in Brisbane, AU) took the whole family into their rescue, and Sarah, a foster carer, welcomed them into her home. The cat mama named Venus was so happy for her new digs and all the soft things she could snuggle with.

“She is a sweetheart (like her little heart nose) and very smoochy. She is doing a wonderful job with these little ones.”

Venus is a wonderful cat motherBest Friends Felines

The kittens had a rough first few days after having been left outside without a mom. Sarah, who is a vet nurse, worked alongside Venus to make sure that all the babies were fed, warm and loved.


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