Cat Left at Shelter with a Note, Staff Discovered She Wasn’t the Only One that Needed Help

A cat was left at an animal shelter with a note. Staff discovered she wasn’t the only one that needed help.

cat calico note shelterPricilla the catBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

A dilute calico was left in a carrier outside Brother Wolf Animal Rescue three months ago. Staff found the cat with a message attached to the carrier.

Her owner could no longer care for her and left a note to implore the shelter to take her in. It stated, “My mom can’t keep me anymore. Please take me in. I promise I will be a good cat.”

The calico looked well cared for, craved affection from people, and wanted to be held. “She was very friendly from the moment she arrived,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue shared with Love Meow.

cat shelter leftThe cat was left at the shelter doorsBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

They lovingly named the cat Pricilla. When they took her to the vet’s office for a checkup, they were stunned by what they discovered.

“The beautiful cat left at our doors had a surprise for us. We realized she was pregnant during her medical examination, and we did an ultrasound to confirm. We are grateful Pricilla was with us because she had extreme complications.”

friendly cuddly catShe was immediately friendly and cuddly with staff and volunteersBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

After emergency life-saving surgery, Pricilla and her kittens (a white, an orange, and a calico) made it through the ordeal. The resilient cat mom started healing in a loving foster home while nursing her precious three, Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

Pricilla was so pleased to have a kind family to attend to her and a comfortable place to nestle with her kittens.

cat mom nursing kittensShelter staff were surprised to discover she was pregnantBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

While she kept her babies fed and clean, her foster family brought her food, monitored her kittens’ weights, changed the bedding, and offered her many words of encouragement.

“She was a wonderful mother who took excellent care of her kittens, and she was happy for her foster family to help.”

cat hugs kitten tinyPricilla had emergency surgery which saved her and her kittens’ livesBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

Pricilla showered the trio with unconditional love, cuddling them when they napped and responding to their every squeak. She was happy to show them off whenever someone came to visit.

She lit up the room with a “smile” and melted hearts with her sweet, friendly disposition.

cat mom newborn kittensShe had three kittens, Snap, Crackle, and PopBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

“She is a lovely cat who is always wanting affection.”

The kittens grew by leaps and bounds in their foster home. By the time they were weaned, their playful and boisterous personalities shone through.

sweet calico cat nursing kittensBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

Pricilla began to spend more time with her humans, doing what she loved. When the kittens were old enough to spread their wings and fly, they quickly went to good homes.

sweet calico cat kittenPricilla and her little mini-meBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

Pricilla happily retired from motherhood and was ready to be the center of attention of a very lucky family. She didn’t stay at the shelter for long after raising her last litter as she won over the hearts of a lovely family.

sweet kittens meowingBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

From the staff who found her outside to the volunteers who cared for her family, it truly took a village to help Pricilla and her kittens find their happily ever after.

beautiful calico catBrother Wolf Animal Rescue

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