Cat ‘Imprints’ on the People who Took Her in on Her First Night After Being Left Behind with Kittens

A tripod cat was left behind with her kittens. She “imprinted” on the people who took her in on her first night.

cat smile snugglesLisia the catShelley/BestFriendsFelines

A concerned neighbor discovered a cat with her kittens abandoned in a house. Their owners had moved out and left them to fend for themselves.

The young mother cat, just ten months old, turned out to be a tripod, a 3-legged cat. She was frail and skinny from nursing her kittens without much nourishment for herself. “She struggled to keep herself safe and sustain her remaining two babies,” Best Friends Felines, a rescue in Brisbane, AU, shared.

“Our amazing team of volunteers scrambled to find space for them all and quickly secured safe haven for both (the cat mom) and her kittens.”

cat hiding coaxingShelley/BestFriendsFelines

When the cat arrived in foster care, they realized how tiny she was. “How she managed to carry a pregnant belly on her barely 3-kilogram (6.6-pound) frame without the support of her missing back leg is a testament to her strength.”

They named her Lisia after the Lisianthus flower, which appears delicate on the surface but blooms and survives in even the harshest environments.

cat purring snugglesShelley/BestFriendsFelines

Her coat was wiry and in poor condition, and most of her whiskers were broken off due to being “so depleted from the neglect she experienced.”

Lisia was so hungry that she wolfed down a bowl of food as if there was no tomorrow. “With a quality diet and lots of TLC, we have no doubt she will quickly blossom in her safe and loving foster home.”

cat scarfing food hungryShelley/BestFriendsFelines

The kittens, Carl and Ellie, were around nine weeks old, weaned, and independent. Lisia could finally relax and be the center of attention when her rambunctious two moved onto a separate carer.

“She can now focus on playing and having fun like a 10-month-old kitten should.”

kittens sweetLisia’s two kittensBestFriendsFelines

Lisia quickly came out of her shell after a few pets from her foster mom, Shelley. She wriggled out from her hiding spot and nuzzled against her human, soaking up all the love.

After just a few hours, Lisia started following Shelley around like a shadow. “She has already imprinted herself on us in a big way,” Shelley shared.

cat snuggling happyShe quickly warmed up to her foster momShelley/BestFriendsFelines

“On the first night in her carer’s home, she made her own way up onto the bed, wrapped her paws around her foster mom’s arm, and slept peacefully all night knowing she was finally safe and loved,” the rescue added.

Lisia has quickly become a beacon of joy, rolling around, weaving a blanket of purrs over the bed.

sweet sleeping cat hugsShe wrapped her paws around her human on her first night in her foster homeShelley/BestFriendsFelines

She likes to rub her face against her foster mom and place her paws on her leg, kneading away in bliss.

Her boisterous side emerged as she realized she was safe. “Her confidence and playful sass are starting to shine through, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to keep us on our toes,” Shelley added.

snuggly happy tripod catShelley/BestFriendsFelines

Lisia appreciates having boundless food to fill her belly, numerous toys to wrestle with, and loving people to curl up to.

When she met her foster brother, Lonn, they became instant friends, lounging on the big bed together.

cat friends sweetLonn and LisiaShelley/BestFriendsFelines

Despite missing a limb, Lisia doesn’t let anything stop her from having fun–zooming around the place and scaling heights with nimble paws.

She is a force of nature and has an insatiable desire for her people’s company.

happy playful tripod catHer playful side is starting to shine throughShelley/BestFriendsFelines

In a couple of weeks, Lisia has put on some much-needed weight and gained plenty of energy.

She will never go through another pregnancy and will enjoy the rest of her life, cherished and spoiled endlessly.

happy kitten catShelley/BestFriendsFelines

“She will know nothing but love, kindness, and compassion from here on out. We are very smitten with this kitten.”

happy tripod catShelley/BestFriendsFelines

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