Cat Immediately Starts Seeking Attention, Making Up for Those Years He Spent as a Stray

A cat immediately started asking for attention, making up for those years he’d spent as a stray.

tabby cat meowing boxTom Jones the catTheStrayCatClub

Tom Jones, the cat, had spent his whole life on the streets, fending for himself against the elements and surviving on food scraps and the kindness of strangers.

At around two years old, he was rescued from the harsh outdoors and given a new beginning where he could finally heal, eat to his heart’s content, and sleep soundly without worrying about tomorrow.

It didn’t take long for Tom to adjust to indoor life. Once he realized he was safe, his eyes lit up, and he began seeking attention from people.

shelter tabby cat meowHe spent his life as a stray before he was rescuedTheStrayCatClub

Despite having to fight for survival outdoors, Tom quickly warmed up to his carers and greeted every visitor with his endearing meows and affectionate headbutts. He needed a hero to open their home and hearts to take him in, and volunteers from The Stray Cat Club stepped in to help.

“This special boy lived as a stray before, and even after living rough, he is the most affectionate, easygoing, and playful cat,” The Stray Cat Club shared.

tabby cat seeking attentionTom became quite the attention-seekerTheStrayCatClub

Soon after arriving in foster care, Tom started trailing behind his humans everywhere, always ready to receive pets and offer affection.

He adored people of all ages and would plop down on the floor, scooting himself close to them while stretching his paws in the air.

cat tabby head snugglesTheStrayCatClub

He was so sweet that he won over every person he met and even other cats. His carers discovered how much he fawned over the little humans in the house, showering them with purrs and gentle snuggles.

“Tom really is just fantastic in every way – he loves strokes and cuddles.” Laid-back and charming, he wanted to be everyone’s best friend.

tabby cat rolling happyTheStrayCatClub

He was thrilled with cardboard boxes as toys and started kneading the moment his paws touched a soft blanket or rug.

Within a week indoors, Tom blossomed into a social butterfly and a complete love bug who simply couldn’t get enough attention. “What a turnaround for a cat who spent his life on the streets as a stray. His story is why people in rescue carry on in such testing times.”

tabby cat snugglesTheStrayCatClub

Despite the time he spent living as a stray, Tom has turned out to be a perfect companion cat, savoring every second with his people. “He is such a loving, fun, and relaxed boy who loves life.”

A few weeks after he was rescued, he received a visit from a lovely family who was instantly smitten with his sweet-natured personality.

tabby cat indoorsTheStrayCatClub

Tom needed a home of his own, and they knew he would be the perfect fit for their family. Before long, Tom, now Leo, became king of his new castle, enjoying being lavished with affection.

“He has been utterly spoilt, and rightfully so.”

cat tabby cat homeTom, now Leo, has been adopted. He’s king of his new castleTheStrayCatClub

“Leo is in his element now, getting and giving all the love and affection in the world. He enjoys sleeping on his owners and purring away on their laps.”

He has claimed every inch of his new abode, shadowing his people around the house.

tabby cat watching tvTheStrayCatClub

He “talks” to them to announce his presence, demand snuggles, and ensure his humans are never alone. “They are besotted with him. Leo is living his best life in his new home. A match made in heaven.”

cat tabby treeTheStrayCatClub

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