Cat Gives Her Kittens the Best Hugs and Care After She Had Them Back By Her Side

A cat gives her kittens the best hugs and care after she had them back by her side.

cat kisses kitten

Mocha the cat mom and Cocoa the kittenAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

A pregnant stray cat was rescued from the streets in the nick of time, and brought to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animal. She was in rough shape and diagnosed with feline calicivirus.

Her condition quickly deteriorated and she was admitted to the emergency vet for a few days. Shortly after she arrived, she gave birth to a litter of kittens.

“Even though she was very sick herself, she was so caring to her kittens,” Angela Su, a foster volunteer of the shelter, told Love Meow.

She was found outside as a stray and gave birth to a litter of four kittensAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

The cat mom named Mocha was incredibly attentive and gave the babies her undivided attention from the start.

“When I brought Mocha and her 4-day-old kittens home to foster, she had mostly recovered but unfortunately, her kittens also had the same illness—calicivirus causes upper respiratory issues (sneezing, congestion, and discharge) and sometimes tongue ulcers.”

She was very caring and loving from the startAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

The odds were stacked up against the kittens as they were vulnerable at their age. Angela along with two other foster volunteers, Christy and Mads, worked as a team to provide critical care, trying everything they could to save the litter.

“The kittens were given supportive care around the clock—nebulizer treatment, tube-feeding, supplemental feedings, eyedrops, and so on,” Angela shared with Love Meow.


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