Cat Found on Stairs in Apartment Building by Kind Neighbor, 2 Weeks Later His Life Completely Changed

A cat was found on the stairs of an apartment building by a kind neighbor. Two weeks later, his life completely changed.

orange tabby catOtto the catChelsea

Chelsea was in her apartment building when she came across a scrawny, scruffy orange tabby lying on the stairs by himself.

The cat was emaciated, lethargic and dirty. The back of his coat was covered in matted fur. “I saw this old guy curled up and frail… I couldn’t leave him there,” Chelsea shared.

She immediately fetched some food and water for the cat, and while doing so, she realized just how friendly and sweet he was.

cat stray stairsHe was found on the stairs in an apartment buildingChelsea

She took the cat in, got him all cleaned up and gave him more nourishment which he quickly devoured. After filling his tummy to the brim, he curled up in his litter box for a long nap despite having a comfy bed prepared for him.

Chelsea reached out to her local animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, for help and offered to foster the cat. The rescue group didn’t hesitate to take him on and provided medical care, food and supplies.

stray cat otto sleepingChelsea

After enjoying a couple of days of indoor luxuries, the cat named Otto was able to stand on all fours and traverse the room with newfound strength. His eyes looked more lively and brighter, and his energy levels improved.

He started to look for head scritches, meow for attention, and his purr motor hadn’t stopped running.

sweet tabby cat ottoHe started to gain strengthChelsea

Otto got a much-needed manicure (as his nails had grown too long) and could finally walk around without discomfort. Clumps of matted fur were removed to give him relief.

With a clean, mat-free coat, he began grooming his legs and paws for the first time since the rescue.

sweet tabby catWhen Otto was strong enough to walk on all fours, he started to ask for attentionChelsea

With a roof over his head and plenty of good food, Otto started to make steady gains. He would use his blankets more and saunter around more confidently as he got pep under his feet.

“He meows for attention and pets, shows his appreciation with hand kisses.”

sweet orange tabby snugglesChelsea

Otto was estimated to be over 10 years old. At the vet’s office, he wolfed down a can of cat food and won over the veterinary staff with his endless affection.

“He purrs when examined, pushes his head into your hand and wants nothing more than to be loved on,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

sweet orange cat ottoChelsea

Chelsea brought Otto a toy to encourage him to play with his improved strength. He was immediately intrigued and nudged it around with his paw.

Recently, he was upgraded to a spacious room. After a tour around his new digs, he nestled in his comfy bed with complete contentment. “He is finally sleeping 100% out of his litter box.”

snuggly cat orange tabbyHe loves his bed and catnip toyChelsea

The sweet tabby adores the company of his people and head snuggles. He is so fond of being brushed (especially on his back) that he falls asleep to it.

Otto is loving his new life filled with love, comfort and delectable food.

snuggly orange catHe loves attention and head scritches even moreChelsea

He will never have to worry about a thing as many people are rooting for him, making sure that he’ll be cherished and adored for the rest of his life.

sweet cat orange ottoChelsea

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