Cat Determined to Never Step Paw Outdoors Again and Holds onto Man Who Helped Him

A cat is determined to never step paw outdoors again and holds onto the man who helped him.

Andrew the catLittle Wanderers NYC

A tuxedo cat showed up in a park in the Bronx (New York), scrounging around for food. He was rough around the edges and just skin and bones. A local rescuer spotted him and tried to help.

She gave him a plate of cat food but the tuxedo couldn’t eat despite being very hungry. He was drooling from the mouth and appeared to be in pain.

The rescuer reached out to Little Wanderers NYC so the cat could get the medical attention he desperately needed.

He was found wandering in a park in the BronxLittle Wanderers NYC

“He had a severe oral infection and could barely eat. His rescuer fed him liquids, as he cried in pain when trying to eat anything else,” Little Wanderers NYC said.

The cat whom they named Andrew, had to have four teeth extracted and was treated for the infection.

He was so grateful to be rescuedLittle Wanderers NYC

He felt so much better after the procedure, stretching his toes, reaching for pets, and purring up a storm. All he wanted was to be caressed and loved. “He did not belong on the street, and he is so grateful.”

Andrew was taken into foster care where he could continue to recuperate. He was very mellow around other cats and eager to be in the company of his people. He curled up next to his carer and just wanted to be petted all day long.

Andrew sat by his carer and just wanted to be pettedLittle Wanderers NYC


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