Cat Decides to Trust When She Finds Perfect Place to Have Kittens After Living Outside for a Long Time

A cat decided to trust when she found a perfect place to have her kittens after living outside for a long time.

Miss Marple the cat momKitkat Playroom

Miss Marple, a tabby cat, was found wandering the streets of Camden, New Jersey with a pregnant belly. A Good Samaritan came across the homeless street cat and couldn’t leave her out to fend for herself.

Kitkat Playroom, a cat rescue in Southern New Jersey, stepped up to help. They took her in and set up a comfortable, quiet place for the expectant cat mom. “We put her in our nursery and she investigated the entire room within minutes,” Jen Mack, the founder of Kitkat Playroom, shared with Love Meow.

“Her fur was matted and dirty from living outdoors and scrounging for meals. We immediately got her started on high calorie nutritious food and hoped there was enough time to get her nutrients for the babies.”

She was found wandering the streets with a pregnant bellyKitkat Playroom

For a while, Marple would hiss, spit and growl at her foster mom, Jen, when she was across the room from her. She barely allowed anyone to be in the room with her.

“For several weeks, it seemed like she hated me more every day. And then, on the afternoon of February 16, it’s like a switch went off, and she was suddenly the most affectionate cat on earth with me,” Jen told Love Meow.

She turned into a love-bug one day and decided to trustKitkat Playroom

A few hours later, Miss Marple went into labor and insisted on having Jen by her side the entire time. “While she was in labor, she talked to me. That was when we bonded and I could tell she finally felt safe.”


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