Cat Crawls Under Fence for Help, Makes Remarkable Transformation and Wishes for Dream Place for the Holidays

A cat crawled under a fence for help, made a remarkable transformation, and now wishes for a dream place for the holidays.

sweet black cat cuteLaszlo the catPuppyKittyNYCITY

Earlier this year, a Good Samaritan came across a friendly cat meowing from the other side of a chain-link fence.

The moment the cat saw the man, he crawled under the fence and made a beeline to him. He nudged the guy’s hand, and his purr motor started rumbling. The cat was just skin and bones and had lost a significant amount of fur around his torso.

He was hungry but so starved of affection that he flopped on the finder’s legs for full-body snuggles.

stray cat skinny fenceHe was found wandering the streets all alonePuppyKittyNYCITY

It was clear that the cat didn’t belong outside. The finder reached out to his animal rescue, PuppyKittyNYCITY, for assistance. With their support, the kind-hearted man scooped up the cat into his arms and saved him from a life on the streets.

The veterinary team discovered that the cat, lovingly named Laszlo, was severely malnourished and likely had been neglected for a while.

stray cat friendly snugglesLaszlo rubbed against his human friend and flopped on his legsPuppyKittyNYCITY

“He was so friendly and had lost all his hair likely due to poor nutrition (from not having much food on the street),” PuppyKittyNYCITY shared with Love Meow.

The cat’s history prior to his rescue remained unknown, but his life was about to change.

stray cat friendly sweetLaszlo followed the man around for attention and lovePuppyKittyNYCITY

Upon arriving at the rescue, Laszlo stepped out of his carrier and bounded up to volunteers for pets. He had an insatiable desire for affection, rubbing up against everyone as if to reclaim the love he had missed living as a stray.

“His personality is so amazing. Laszlo is one of those special cats.”

sweet cat stray friendlyLaszlo was an instant love-bug when he arrived at the rescuePuppyKittyNYCITY

As Laszlo made steady gains, his fur gradually grew back and thickened. He was most excited at mealtime and never wasted a morsel of food.

He started to relax as he realized that he no longer had to worry about where his next meal would come from.

snuggly sweet catHe was so happy to be safe that he snuggled up to everyonePuppyKittyNYCITY

After a few of months of good nourishment and great care, Laszlo made a stunning transformation into a gorgeous cat, boasting a gleaming coat.

He’s won over every volunteer at the rescue as well as staff at the vet with his endearing qualities. He is like a love sponge, constantly soaking up affection from those around him.

sweet panther kitty catLaszlo has transformed into a handsome panther kittyPuppyKittyNYCITY

“Nobody is able to resist falling in love with him. He is a super sweet boy with lots of personality. He’s so clever that he’s figured out how to open the cubby doors.”

Laszlo is ready to find a place of his own for the holidays.

sweet affectionate catHis fur has grown back, and he’s really filled outPuppyKittyNYCITY

He’s currently at the Petco adoption center (in Forest Hills, Queens), awaiting his happily-ever-after.

If a visitor or volunteer comes to see him, he sticks his paw out through a window hole for them to hold. As soon as they open the condo door, he melts into their hands and purrs up a storm.

sweet cat laszloHe sticks his paw out at the adoption center, ready for pets and snugglesPuppyKittyNYCITY

Laszlo has come a long way since he was found wandering alone outside. He loves nothing more than spending time with his people.

The former stray has blossomed into a handsome panther kitty with so much to give.

beautiful cat handsome laszloPuppyKittyNYCITY

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