Cat and Kittens Found Outside a Tire Center Give Home Life a Try, It’s the Sweetest Thing

A cat and her kittens were found outside a tire center. They gave home life a try, and it was the sweetest thing.

cat mom kittensIsabelle (Izzy) the cat and her kittensCindy @foster_kittens

An employee of a tire center found a stray cat and her kittens living outside on the gravel. They had turned the rim of a large tire into a nest.

Hoping to get the cat mom a safe place to raise her young, the employee reached out to an animal rescue for help. “Isabelle (the cat) and her kittens were pretty gritty and grimy when they came to me. I could tell that Izzy had done her best to keep her kittens clean,” Cindy Congdon, foster carer, shared with Love Meow.

Together with a neighbor, they cleaned the kittens with a warm, wet wash cloth. The next morning, Cindy walked into a clowder of clean, soft and fluffy kittens.

cat mom calico kittensCindy @foster_kittens

“Mama Izzy was nervous and a little growly with me at first, but she warmed up when I offered her a dish of soft kitten food. She ate it quickly, so I gave her another. And another.”

After the third one, some snacks and fresh water, Izzy was satiated. Her wary eyes relaxed, and she no longer felt the urge to hide. She headed over to her kittens and dozed off to sleep in a cuddle-puddle.

sweet cat mom kittensCindy @foster_kittens

“I checked on her during the night, and was happy to hear her purring and coming out to meet me.”

Cindy was surprised to find that Izzy had polished off all the food and drunk all the water. By the third day, her eating leveled out. “She has a healthy appetite now, and doesn’t feel the need to gorge herself. The poor girl was so hungry.”

sleeping cat mom kittensCindy @foster_kittens

Izzy has a beautiful temperament. She is friendly and outgoing, fawns over everyone she meets. “She chirps and greets visitors to the kitten room by purring and nudging their legs until they give her attention.”

The kittens have gotten many visits from kind young neighbors to socialize them. “This is one of the beauties of fostering: kittens get used to being around a variety of safe people and become acclimated to normal household noises and interactions.”

kittens in basket bedCindy @foster_kittens

The four kittens, Chip, Amber, Timothy and Pepper, have grown by leaps and bounds, and each with a unique personality.

Chip (gray and white tabby), being the most gregarious, isn’t shy of asserting his presence in front of people. He purrs constantly and chirps and trills when he plays.

sweet cat mom kittensCindy @foster_kittens

Amber (orange and white girl) is a snuggle-bug. She always finds the softest, coziest napping spots to roll around in.

“She loves back scratches, and will even twist around so I can rub her belly, too. She does the cutest full-body joy wiggles when she’s happy.”

adorable kittens fluffyCindy @foster_kittens

Timothy (orange and white boy) is sweetly serious and enjoys basking in the sun on the windowsill, watching little critters and neighbors outside. He’s a supervisor in the making, who likes to offer “help” when Cindy does chores in the room.

Pepper (calico), the most independent of the four, is fearless, explorative and strongly affectionate. She likes to tackle and wrestle with Mom’s tail and ears, and goes after any toys in sight.

playful kittens bedCindy @foster_kittens

“Pepper is the smallest, but likes to puff herself up and skitter sideways to make herself look big to the other kittens.”

When the kittens go on an excursion around the house, Izzy will accompany them to watch them from a distance. The little ones are a bit nervous stepping into new territory, but their nerves are soon replaced with excitement.

kittens cat exploringExploring around the houseCindy @foster_kittens

“They’ve come a long way from being tiny, dirty kitties living in a tire. I am so proud of what a good mama Izzy is, and am delighted with how healthy her kittens are, and how brave and snuggly they have become,” Cindy told Love Meow.

“Izzy will be an amazing companion for some lucky family.”

sweet cat nursing kittensCindy @foster_kittens

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