Cat and Her Kitten Saved in a Milk Crate Now Share New Life that They’ve Always Wanted

A cat and her kitten were saved in a milk crate. Now, they share a new life that they’ve always wanted.

cat mom kitten onlyFlora the cat and Dandelion the kitten@littlewanderersnyc

About a week ago, Little Wanderers NYC received a rescue request for a cat and her three kittens that had been living in a backyard. “They were in a milk crate in the backyard of a local Bronx resident who didn’t really know what to do,” the rescue shared.

Most animal shelters and rescue groups in the area were over capacity or closed intake. Volunteers of Little Wanderers NYC got the call and stepped up to help.

They dropped everything at hand and hit the road to pick up the cat family.

cat stray kittenThey were rescued in a milk crate in a backyard@littlewanderersnyc

Once they arrived, they noticed that two of the kittens were in desperate need of medical attention, and rushed them to an animal hospital for emergency care.

Despite their heroic efforts to save them all, the two kittens sadly didn’t make it. “Kittens born outside have about 25% survival rate.” The cat mom, Flora, and her tabby, Dandelion, were able to turn a corner with the timely rescue.

cat stray flora@littlewanderersnyc

Flora was treated for a cold, and her voracious appetite quickly returned. She was so patient at the vet’s office as if she knew that the staff were helping her. She looked around the place inquisitively, checking out every nook and cranny.

The sweet mama began to relax when she realized she no longer had to brave the streets or worry about food and shelter.

cat vet looking windowFlora was happy to be inside@littlewanderersnyc

Meanwhile, Little Wanderers NYC, an all-volunteer rescue, reached out to their community in hopes of getting the mother and daughter into foster care.

A kind-hearted family immediately offered to help. They opened their hearts and their home to the cat and her kitten. Soon after arriving, Flora and Dandelion truly blossomed.

tabby kitten dandelion@littlewanderersnyc

“Flora and her daughter Dandelion are safe and very happy inside, in their new foster home. Dandelion is the sole survivor of her litter, and she’s a strong baby kitten.”

The tabby girl has quickly adjusted to the cushy indoor life and started playing, zooming around the place with her unbridled energy. She is still tiny but has a fearless attitude.

playful kitten wrestlingDandelion quickly adjusted to the cushy indoor life@littlewanderersnyc

Mama Flora stays close to her daughter and is always ready to love on her with a bath or a face wash.

She seems so pleased with her living arrangements after a tour around her space. She especially enjoys looking out the window, watching little critters from the comfort of a safe home.

sweet cat windowFlora enjoys watching Bird TV@littlewanderersnyc

Flora is a loving mother to her only fur child. She watches her boisterous kitten as she scampers around the place, creating all sorts of antics. Dandelion goes back and forth between play and mommy time, getting the most out of her two favorite things.

“They are very happy to be indoors. (It’s hard to believe) just a week ago they were struggling outside and trying desperately to survive.”

cat mom kitten sweetFlora adores her only fur child@littlewanderersnyc

In a few short days, Flora has started to fill out and almost fully recovered. Her kitten, Dandelion, is making good gains, and her vivacious and rambunctious personality is shining through.

cat stray foodShe is pleased with all the food she can eat@littlewanderersnyc

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, the mother and daughter are thriving in their foster home and getting prepped for a great future ahead of them, where food is bountiful and love is limitless.

sweet playful kitten@littlewanderersnyc

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