Baby Goat Covered In Tar Gets Life-Saving Bath

When Animal Aid Unlimited received a little goat, they knew they needed to act quick to save her life.

The poor thing was covered in tar that was so thick she couldn’t move. Her tail was plastered to her body and her legs were stuck together. She was so exhausted and weak that she couldn’t even cry out for her mom.

Sadly, the baby goat had been abandoned by her owner and left to die. Without help, her fate would’ve been grim.


The rescue team with Animal Aid Unlimited did a quick evaluation of the baby goat and realized she was severely dehydrated, overheated, and exhausted. They needed to get some food and liquid in her stomach while removing the tar at the same time.

With 5 people crowded around, they began to work. The goat, who they named Suri, was hand-fed a bottle while everyone else worked to oil the tar from her fur. The tar was so thick that the rescuers had to put her whole body into a tub filled with oil and began massaging it off!


Eventually, they had enough of the tar off that they could see her fur and administer some pain medicine.

With a little food and a lot of shampoo, the baby goat finally gained the strength and will to stand. She was still covered in tar, but her strength was returning!

The next day, they had to repeat the whole cleaning procedure again, including an oil bath and a bunch of shampooing.



By the third day, Suri’s fur was almost clean. She still needed one last deep clean before she would be good to go. By that time, her appetite had returned and she was starting to feel like herself again. She could feed herself, walk, and was almost back to normal!

The rescue said it best when they wrote: “Sometimes it’s not medicine that does the trick. It’s hours of work, a pinch of luck, blended in love.


Since getting her life-saving bath, Suri was placed in a permanent home with an animal sanctuary. She has plenty of other rescue friends at the sanctuary, space to roam, and a caring team that loves her.

Check out the video below:



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