Adopting Toothless Senior Cat A Woman Discovers He Has The Voice Of A Pigeon

Anshu, who resides in Washington, DC, has spotted a large number of animals that have been abandoned or abandoned on the streets.

She was determined to assist, so she and her husband went to a shelter to adopt a homeless cat.

They had already had their eyes on a cat but when they arrived they saw Nugget and immediately fell in love with him.

This senior kitty walked up to them asking for hugs and rubbing against their legs. Anshu had intended to adopt a kitten and never expected she would be taking home a senior cat.

Nugget had all of his teeth extracted due to an illness, but it didn’t seem to bother him; instead, they learned that he was a very peaceful cat who loved and adored his new parents.

Anshu says he sounds more like a pigeon than a cat since he follows them around the house and purrs nonstop!

He used to hover about their feet in the kitchen until one day he hopped into a cabinet where they kept their potatoes.

It has since become his pantry, and potatoes have become his favorite food. Anshu and her husband placed a couple of potatoes in the carrier with him to keep him company on the voyage, and he joyfully hugs them.

Anshu tells that this adorable senior cat has brought joy into the lives of two people who had never owned a pet before. They are now championing senior cats and can’t fathom living without him.

Watch the video and listen to his incredible purrs:



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