A Stray Cat Infiltrates A Woman’s Home And Gives Birth In The Woman’s Bathroom

When Annelyse saw a stray cat in her garage, she felt she had to do something to save the sad creature. The cat was obviously hungry, so she offered it some food and water. Additionally, Annelyse saw that the stray had matted hair and was rather unclean.

“We heard all this meowing as we were leaving. I turned to look and noticed a little, fluffy cat meowing and wandering about. She had run in quickly. She was really thirsty and hungry. She had very matted hair, and she kind of felt nasty, so I realized she was a stray. I want to assist her.

Immediately, they fell in love with each other. The cat started following her all around the house.

“This cat is literally following me around wherever I go. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her following me. She was super friendly. She let me pet her and she was rubbing up against my leg.”


The kitty was named Mouse. She felt comfortable around her new owner and transformed into a sweet and clean family pet right away.

“I love cats. I can’t really not take one in if it decides to enter my home,” Annelyse told The Dodo.

After about a week, Annelyse realized that that Mouse’s stomach was super big, but not the kind that translates into fat. For this reason, she decided to take her to the vet to check out.

“I saw that her stomach was huge. Not only flabby, all jiggly, and fat. She was solid and hefty. When I went to the veterinarian as scheduled, they said, “Looks like she’s pregnant!”

“I was very happy. I was overjoyed that we were having kittens. But I felt somewhat anxious. Never before had I witnessed a cat give birth. I’m not a skilled feline OB-GYN.

Although she had never seen a cat give birth, she did some research and tried to prepare for the big day.

“We did some research,” she said, “and we had this little nesting box in the bathroom.”

A few days later, Mouse gave birth to four healthy kittens, and Annelyse and her partner couldn’t be more excited. They named the kittens: Sushi, Pluto, Spooky, and Smudge.

The kittens were initially kept by Annelyse for eight weeks until they were old enough to be adopted, but she quickly realized she couldn’t let them go so easy. She ultimately kept them for 10 to 11 weeks.

Though she will miss them so much, she is overjoyed that she finally found them new, loving homes. Fortunately, several of them were adopted by families who reside not far from Annelyse’s home, allowing her to visit them anytime she wishes.



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