A stray cat found trapped. Thanks to the people, he already has a home.

Lack of shelter and food, as well as mistreatment, have a severe effect on stray cats. The number of cats born and abandoned on the street is increasing day by day, which is terrible.

Garbage dumps happen in different parts of the city, which worries and irritates people. One of them is this cat from Massachusetts. He was found by employees of the Lowell Trap Neuter Return Coalition and taken to a shelter.

Animal Rescue Society was the shelter that housed the cat and shared it on its website. Thanks to them, a whole campaign has been launched to catch abandoned cats.

They were caught in the act of labeling, fed, checked by veterinarians and then transferred to different foster families. When Frisbee was caught it was very dirty and needed surgery. It was cleaned, cared for and in just one day the Frisbee changed beyond recognition.

Eventually her photos were posted on social media and a week later she found a new family. She now has her favorite chair in her new home.



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