A Pileated Woodpecker Fledgling Finds Itself A New Nest On Top Of A Lady’s Head In Viral Video

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Did you know that a woodpecker is capable of giving out a force of up to 1,400 Gs? A human can get a concussion if they bang their head with just 60-100 Gs. We’re squishy little babies in the eyes of these birds.


Now, imagine the dread of finding yourself suddenly having a woodpecker on top of your head.

This is exactly what happened to Brittany Bronson when a woodpecker accidentally flew itself into the window at Brittany’s home. Except Brittany didn’t seem to feel any dread; she just felt stunned, she said.

She explained in an interview that it all just simply happened. When the woodpecker flew into their kitchen window, Brittany checked on the bird by walking up to it and the woodpecker was cautious at first, of course. Brittany said that it was just “bobbing back and forth” when she was assessing the situation, but then it suddenly jumped onto her head.



Brittany posted a video of the incident on her TikTok page, and it has gathered almost 9 million views. And that’s just the clip of her ringing their doorbell with the bird on her head. The first video she posted about the incident is with her brother already disentangling the panicked bird from her head, and that one has over 7 million views.


So this just happened.

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Brittany can be seen trying to cover her eyes and her face while the bird was on top of her head to avoid getting seriously injured and did not move from that position until the bird was safely removed. All throughout the videos, no one is seen panicking – well, maybe except for the poor woodpecker.

Her brother, Colton, was calm about everything as well. When he went out to help his sister, all he could ask was “why is that thing on your head?” As if it’s not some super rare thing to witness, his voice was steady and calm, even when he asked his sister what he’s supposed to do with the “thing” on her head.


Working as if he’s an expert on rescuing his sister from bird attacks, Colton scruffs the woodpecker like a cat and quickly removes Brittany’s hair from the bird’s nails.

“Of course it’s got this huge sharp beak and its nails were kinda, like, hooked into her hair really hard. So, my biggest thing was, like, I don’t want the bird to freak out,” Colton said when asked about the incident.

Woody is the name that people have so fondly given the little lost woodpecker. And Woody is already in the care of Holly’s Nest Animal Rescue. After the whole entanglement thing happened, the bird seemed to grow fond of its little nest on Brittany’s hair and went back and hopped towards Brittany the very next day. Woody was put in a cat carrier and was delivered to Holly’s Nest Animal Rescue.

They have identified the bird as a pileated woodpecker, and, according to the rehab center, it seems that Woody is too young to feed by himself and will be staying with Holly’s Nest for now.

Watch the latest update video of the now famous woodpecker below.



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