A man kicked a stray dog, only to watch his car get destroyed by that same dog along with its friends.

When you do something wrong, be sure that you will pay back! No matter if you do the wrong thing against a human or an animal, paying back will always happen.

A man in Chongqing, China saw a stray dog lying in his favorite parking spot when he decided to park in front of his home, so, instead of leaving the dog sleeping and parking somewhere else, he decided to kick it to park!

You can see in the video below, that was taken by a startled neighbor, the dog went away after being kicked, but not for so long, as it came back with some other dogs to take its revenge by chewing the attacker’s car’s windscreen wipers and bodywork! Karma strikes back! Watch the video below.

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Bound to the bridge, the anxious dog waited patiently, yearning for any sign of hope, desperate to be liberated from this distressing predicament.

With the approach of each figure, the terrified and abused stray dog sheds tears, revealing the deep emotional wounds inflicted upon it, carrying the profound scars of its past mistreatment.