A Herd Of Cows Adopts A Kitten That Doesn’t Like People Or Other Cats

Daisy is a gorgeous cat that appears to dislike humans. Before she was seven months old, the kitten had spent time in a shelter twice. Daisy was surrendered to the RSPCA when she was a little kitten, and despite being adopted, she returned four weeks later alone.

This feline has highly specific interests and appetites, and she not only does not get along with people, but she also does not get along with other cats, making it difficult for families to keep her in their care.

Luckily for this wonderful kitten, farmer Ruth Grice decided to take her in and offer her the home that the feline wanted so much. Since then, Daisy has been accepted by a group of cows and even sleeps in the hay with them.

Ruth told Metro :

“She found a warm spot in the calf shed and is very happy now. She is very well accommodated. We are so glad we adopted her.”


Ruth has a farm in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray. Daisy’s family didn’t anticipate her to desire much contact with people, she claimed, and she understood what they were getting into when they adopted her. Daisy’s first meeting with the calves, Ruth recalls, was extremely nice; they smelled and welcomed each other warmly; today they are a full family.

Daisy’s asocial temperament may have made finding the perfect home difficult, but the cat was fortunate enough to meet Ruth and her loving cows.


The director of the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, Ella Carpenter, said:

“Cats, like people, have distinct wants and personalities. These felines come from many walks of life. They may have been inadequately socialized as kittens and may not have had the appropriate social contacts. People may appear to them as a threat, and their conduct is unexpected, unsettling, and unwelcome.”


She ensures that, in certain circumstances, such as Daisy’s, they thrive in a free environment where they have food and shelter, as well as someone who looks after them from afar.

According to the expert, there are a variety of acceptable venues for this, including stables, farms, and huge gardens. Daisy, of course, need this in order to be a happy kitten.



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