A family was won over by an adorable kitten with a perfect mustache who hopped right into their hearts.

A kitten with the perfect mustache walked up to a couple and decided they would be family.

Romain and Sabrine from France met O’gringo the kitten when he was three months old. The little one with the perfect mustache immediately took to them.

“I tried to play with him to make a connection, and he started purring and giving us cuddles,” Romain told Love Meow.

They fell head over heels for the little mustache kitten and knew it was meant to be.

The kitty joined his new family and met their resident cat Milko. They quickly hit it off, and started scampering around the house, creating mischief.

“He is full of life, happy and has a really nice personality. He loves to play, climb the curtains, and jump around,” Romain shared with Love Meow.

“He has a habit of standing on his back paws like a meerkat, and can stand like that for a couple of minutes.”

When the little mustache kitty demands something, he won’t take no for an answer.

The sweet cat is equipped with a loud purr motor. As soon as he’s petted, he switches it on full blast.

His adorable personality matches his charismatic appearance.

He is adventurous, playful and curious about everything around him. The house is filled with endless entertainment and joyous purrs.

When he’s not running around, creating antics, he is all stretched out on the couch, snoozing away.

The mustache kitty has taken the role as their house supervisor.

He takes his job very seriously.

He has brought out the inner kitten in Milko, the 4-year-old rescue cat.

Milko adores his brother from another mother, and the two have become inseparable friends.

The sweet mustache kitty is all grown up now.

He’s blossomed into a handsome cat, stealing the heart of every person he meets.

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