Cyclist find cat abandoned at side of road and takes her on trip around the world

Dean Nicholson began a journey around the world in complete solitude. From Scotland, he took his bicycle and set out on the road. Everything was going as planned, until he heard a meow: a beautiful abandoned kitten was watching him.

“I heard her before I saw her! I was cycling up the hill and she was meowing her little heart out in pursuit of me, but I stopped the bike, jumped up and went over to the rocks and said, ‘Oh, there’s a scruffy little kitten all alone. I sat with her for about half an hour, feeding her pesto before I decided to take her on the bike with me. She followed me and it was unfair to leave her,” the young man told.

The bond between Dean and Nala was “instantaneous”. “(Nala) did not leave my side as soon as I stopped. When I gave her the pesto and she wouldn’t stop following me, then I thought ‘I’d better take you with me’. Then, when I put her on the bike and started riding, she jumped out of the bag on the front of my bike and onto my shoulder. Then she curled up around my neck, and then I thought it was meant to be,” Dean said.

Since the pair joined, they have visited several countries, including Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Georgia – all places where Nala has received a great reception.

As a kitten, Dean’s four-legged friend often sat on his shoulder while he rode his bike, but as she gets bigger, you’ll find her looking over the basket on the front of his bike.

“People absolutely love her and she loves the attention. Everyone stops to come and take pictures and meet her. It’s great when I visit a new place because people instantly have a friendly, warm reaction. Most of the hotels we’ve been to are really accommodating to Nala, even though she once had to pay her own surcharge,” Dean told the British website.

Nala had a big impact on Dean and completely changed his travel goals. Initially he pedaled around the world and tried to get to Asia as fast as he could, and Nala taught him to stop and smell the roses.

“Before I found Nala, I was going from city to city across Europe as fast as I could to get to East Asia. When I found Nala, she had a bit of a cough, which was probably not helped by cycling through the strong wind and rain. She taught me to take things slower, enjoy the experience and what was around me. I’ve always helped the strays, but she’s taught me to be even more generous and compassionate,” Dean said.

Nala now goes everywhere with Dean while sitting in a basket on the front of his bike, and she’s really living her best life.



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